Here you can find a collection of presentations and news stories that feature DreamFace Technologies during the development of Ryan, our companion bot.

Lone Tree Arts Center

On September 29th of 2018, DreamFace gave a presentation to the Living and Aging Well Luncheon at the Lone Tree Arts Center. The presentations at this event focused on how seniors can use technology, things such as uber, lyft, facetime, and of course Ryan, to remain... read more

Pinehurst Country Club Luncheon

On August 30th of 2018 DreamFace Technologies was invited to Pinehurst Country Club’s weekly Luncheon. During the Luncheon DreamFace Technologies presented the company’s goals and Ryan to the Country Club members. The presentation drew more than a hundred... read more

NIH SIBR Funding

In June of 2018 DreamFace Technologies received their second SBIR grant, this time from NIH (National Institutes of Health on Aging). The aim of Phase I for this grant is to asses and demonstrate the feasibility of improving users’ mood and quality of life by... read more

9-News Interview

In June of 2018 9-News picked up another story on Ryan this time inviting Dr. Mahoor and his companion bot to the 9-News Studio. This time 9-News got a look at Ryan 2.0 and the new design of the robot. You can find a short clip of the on air interview below.... read more

Vintage and Vibrant Seminar

On May 2nd, 2018 Ryan was invited to yet another seminar. This time to the Vitage & Vibrant: Exploring the Latest Trends in Living Well & Aging Well conference in Castle Colorado. Members of the conference got the opportunity to meet and interact with Ryan... read more

CGTN News Coverage

Ryan once again made waves in the media this time appearing in a recorded and written news report by CGTN. The story asked Anna Fine, a Kavod Senior resident and pilot study participant about her experience with the robot and why she agreed to the study. To which she... read more

No Copay Radio Interview

Following his interview with Pixels to Inches, Dr. Mahoor was invited to his second radio interview of the month. This time it was with No Copay Radio having his interview air on Saturday the 13th and Sunday the 14th of January 2018. You can find the full interview at... read more

Pixels to Inches Radio Interview

In January of 2018 Dr. Mahoor was invited onto the radio show Pixels to Inches. The interview, which lasted a little over 25 minutes, explored his work at DU and DreamFace Technologies. You can find the interview at the link below:... read more

Kavod Senior Community Pilot Study

In November of 2017 DreamFace Technologies conducted their second pilot study, this time at the Kavod Senior Community center in Cherry Creek. The study was done in the same manner that the study at the Eaton center. The results from this study were just as positive... read more

YPO Gold Rocky Mountain Seminar

On October 19 of 2017 DU hosted a YPO Gold Seminar titled, “Why Can’t I Remember: The Alzheimers Frontline” in their new Engineering and Computer Science building. At this event Dr. Mahoor presented his company DreamFace Technologies and their... read more

9-News Coverage

Ryan once again made his way to the news by appearing in a 9-News report on October 18th of 2017. The 9-News crew visited the lab at DU to sit down and chat with Dr. Mahoor and Ryan to get a behind the scenes look at the development of Ryan. The crew got to see some... read more

Ryan 2.0 Prototype

In early October of 2017 a new Ryan was born. This prototype had a totally revamped body making Ryan look more human as well as giving him arm movement. While to upgrades where mainly on the hardware, DreamFace Technologies began developing their own in house facial... read more

DRCOG Lunch and Learn

On September 21st of 2017 the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) hosted a Lunch and Learn for Dr. Mahoor and Ryan. At this event Mahoor presented what DreamFace Technologies had achieved up to that point as well as left time for the attendees to interact... read more

Eaton Senior Community Study Finished

DreamFace and the Eaton Senior Community finished up the study in August of 2016 with amazing results. Not only did Ryan increase the quality of life of the patients but they formed a real bond with the companion bot. For a more detailed view of the study you can find... read more

BusinessDen Article

In September of 2016 DreamFace Technologies and Ryan received more media recognition with an article being published by BusinessDen, a local news site for businesses in the Denver area. The article touches on a little bit of everything, from Dr. Mahoor’s... read more

Eaton Senior Community Study

August of 2016 saw us conduct our first pilot study with the Eaton Senior Community. Six volunteers got to have 24/7 access to Ryan in their homes for 4-6 weeks to see how the quality of life would improve for the user. We measured this by asking the users a series of... read more

More Prototypes Are Born

During the month of June DreamFace Technologies finished their 2nd and 3rd prototypes of Ryan. While these prototypes did not have any new features that the original already had having more prototypes has allowed the company to more aptly conduct studies, since now... read more


Fabricating RYAN's Face RYAN version 1.0 RYAN version 2.0 Through all of the adaptations and updates, we now have the RYAN companionbot 2.0 prototype shown above. This unit is completely autonomous and is already interacting with clients at elder care facilities. We... read more

Leading Age Colorado

In May of 2016 DreamFace Technologies presented Ryan at the Leading Age Colorado conference. This was the company’s first exposure to the main stream and the... read more

Ryan 1.0 First Prototype

In March 2016, just two months after receiving our SBIR funding, we completed the first version of Ryan. Using a patented animation projection, Ryan was equipped with a Mitsuku chatbot, XBox Kinect, and Intel’s Speech to Text software. These online services... read more