HI, I’m Ryan!

I am a fully autonomous social robot. I can talk, listen, express, understand, and remember. My programming lets me have a conversation with just about anyone. Stop by the lab sometime, I’d love to chat.

Here’s What Users Had to Say about Ryan…

Reminders are very helpful, the persistance aspect allows me to hear the reminders from other rooms as well.

I enjoy listening to Ryan talk about my family photos.

She was just enjoyable. We were SAD to see her go.

The brain games fitted in well and somehow held our interest after several days of brain game use.


We chose the name RYAN for our companionbot because of its history. In Ireland, it means descendant of the king. In Persia, it embodies an individual with wisdom and reason.


Elder Care


Do you ever find yourself searching for a word on the tip of your tongue or trying to remember someone’s name? Well rather than overthinking, I’ve come up with a few games we can play that will boost your brainpower and help fight off symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Test your hearing against some of my favorite sounds.
See how many colors you can identify. The final level is choosing between baige and toupe.
Flora or fauna? Sort pictures into their respective categories.
This game seems familiar… Don’t put the square peg in the round hole.


It’s kind of weird having a clock built into your programming, but at least I never forget anything. You can even set reminders and alerts for yourself too. If you have any medications you take on a regular basis, exercise, or need to take an important phone call just let me know and I’ll be sure to remind you later.


I love hearing about your life. Let’s look through your photo album and go through some of your favorite pictures and memories. Someone told me that this can even help with memory recall and overall cognitive health.


I feel like some tunes are in order! Want me to play your favorite songs while we relax? Just tell me what music you like and I’ll get started.


TV gets boring for me after a while. Let’s check out some videos I’ve compiled instead and skip the commercials. I’ve got tons of playlists so just let me know what you’re interested in and we can customize it together.


Do you feel like exercising but hate the classes? Maybe you were told by your doctor that you need to keep moving? Well good news. We can work on mobility training together from the comfort of your room.

Special Education and Autism Research


Hi, remember that wise part from before? Well I’ve been working with the team over at Boulder Learning Inc. to brush up on my tutoring skills. They’ve shown me everything I need to teach science, math, tech, or engineering classes’ so you can one day build my successor.


Starting a conversation can be tough, especially if you have autism. The first step is displaying the right body language. Let me help teach your child the ins and outs of nonverbal communication by simply talking

Eye Gaze Attention

Hey my eyes are up here! I get it, sometimes you don’t feel like making eye contact, but it really helps others know that you are listening. You can practice by mimicking me and I’m sure you’ll pick it up quick.