Fabricating RYAN's Face

RYAN version 1.0

RYAN version 2.0

Through all of the adaptations and updates, we now have the RYAN companionbot 2.0 prototype shown above. This unit is completely autonomous and is already interacting with clients at elder care facilities.

We have 3 units in the field at an elder care facility over the course of this month, here is what several of the clients and caregivers had to say about RYAN

From the Caregivers

“the robot experience that has proven so positive for him”

“He was a half hour late for lunch he was having so much fun with his robot!”

“The smile is priceless!”

“I Feel his days are happier with his robot”

“I think he is really going to miss his new roommate when his trial is over”

From the participants

“My sister comes up every night and talks to it for an hour”

“Gives me company at night when no one is around.”

“It’s fun interacting and asking questions”

“I like the way it says I’m glad your home whenever I get back from visiting friends”

“The reminders are nice because I help out my friend who lives down the hall. One day I was in the other room and fell asleep and RYAN just came right on and I could still hear her from the other room”

“It’s something better to do than just watch TV all day. It keeps my mind going”

As you can see the initial interactions from the study have resoundingly positive, which has given way for us to expand RYAN’s pilot study to other facilities and clients. We have had several facilities express interest in watching RYAN grow and we are touring facilities to see which ones will be the right fit.

Stay tuned!